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In the 1930s farming land was scarce in Scotland, the depression years made life more difficult and with no law of succession to guarantee that land would pass from tenant farmer to his sons, it was necessary to look for other opportunities.

Farming land was more plentiful in parts of England and in particular, Essex and Bedfordshire so Scottish farmers moved south, sometimes hiring an entire train to bring their cattle, machinery and furniture.

Amongst these farmers, were William & Jeannie Hope who moved to Essex and then to Manor Farm at Thurleigh in 1939 by which time those who had arrived a few years earlier had already set up this Society of Scots who loved to get together and make their own entertainment, dancing, singing and piping the music of home.

The Society was founded in 1931 and currently has a membership of 192. In November 2006 The Society celebrated its 75th birthday which was attended by 160 members and friends, including seven Past Presidents, the oldest of whom is now 98. (See Picture Gallery)




1931-32 Dr G Butters 1974-75 Major J Kelly
1932-33   Mr. A. Matthews 1975-76 Major J Kelly
1933-34   1976-77 Mrs N Guild
1934-35 1977-78 Mrs N Guild
1935-36  Mr J McNicholl Gibson 1978-79 Mr N Ferguson
1936-37 1979-80 Mr N Ferguson
1937-38  Mr N Bell 1980-81 Mr D Irvine
1938-39 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1981-82 Mr D Irvine
1939-40 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1982-83 Mr H Constable
1940-41 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1983-84 Mr H Constable
1941-42 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1984-85 Mr W Booth
1942-43 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1985-86 Mr W Booth
1943-44 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1986-87 Mr R Borland
1944-45 Society in abeyance (WW2) 1987-88 Mr R Borland
1945-46 1988-89 Mr B Reid
1946-47 1989-90 Mr B Reid
1947-48  Dr C A Harvey 1990-91 Mr B Reid
1948-49  Mr J Russell Taylor 1991-92 Mr W Meek
1949-50 Capt. L M Robertson 1992-93 Mrs H Watson
1950-51 1993-94 Mrs H Watson
1951-52 Mr W Sharp 1994-95 Mrs M Staddon
1952-53 Dr C A Harvey 1995-96 Mrs M Staddon
1953-54 Dr W L Anderson 1996-97 Mrs M Staddon
1954-55 Dr W L Anderson 1997-98 Mr J Winter
1955-56 Mr W T Stewart 1998-99 Mrs M Staddon
1956-57 Dr C A Harvey 1999-2000 Mr B Reid
1957-58 Mr J Russell-Taylor 2000-2001 Mr B Reid
1958-59 Mr A M Pritchett 2001-2002 Mr I Slatter
1959-60 Dr W L Anderson 2002-2003 Mr I Slatter
1960-61 Mr W T Stewart 2003-2004 Mr I Slatter
1961-62 Mr R F Harrow 2004-2005 Mrs N Barr
1962-63 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2005-2006 Mrs N Barr
1963-64 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2006-2007 Mrs N Barr
1964-65 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2007-2008 Mr R Buchanan
1965-66 Dr H.R Livingstone 2008-2009 Mr R Buchanan
1966-67 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2009-2010 Mr R Buchanan
1967-68 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2010-2011 Mrs S Coles
1968-69 Rev. R Henderson-Begg 2011-2012 Mrs S Coles
1969-70 Mr W Annan 2012-13 Mrs S Coles
1970-71 Mr W Annan 2013-14 Mr G Reed
1971-72 Mr J Singer 2014-15 Mr G Reed
1972-73 Mr J Singer
1973-74 Mr J Singer